Tri-Wall Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rengo Group headquartered in Osaka and Tokyo in Japan. Rengo is a billion dollar packaging solutions provider manufacturing multi material packaging solution such as paper, corrugated cardboard, flexible packaging and Heavy Duty. Using its General Packaging Industry stance the company stands on supporting lifestyles and creating a future through packaging. Tri-Wall limited contributes to this success of Rengo in the overseas division of the business.

Tri-Wall Limited is a global packaging manufacturer Headquartered in Hong Kong with hundreds of operations around the world. A global group guided by key principles of Integrity, quality and innovation. These are the pillars on which we have built a successful business for decades.

Employing over 4,500 people across 22 countries, form America to Japan and everything in between, that gives you an idea of the scale and spread of the Tri-Wall brand and the dedication we have to be your global packaging partner.

Being truly global means having skills, knowledge and expertise everywhere, whether you are packing large or small items for long haul flights, container shipment or road you can have access to our expert team of designers and engineers who guide you through the process of supplying you with quality packaging products in any material, anywhere.

We specialize in solutions, so not matter what your packaging requirements are, wood, steel, timber or a combination we can design, manufacture and supply that standard. What makes us unique is we can design it in any country and supply it from another to the same standards and quality, not similar, the same quality, it is inherent in our Tri-Wall DNA throughout the world.

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We aim to deliver innovative, sustainable and high-quality products to our customers, creating value through superior customer experience.


Through our multi material product offering, supply chain knowledge, global network of production & service locations and our logistic competencies we will lower our customers costs and manage risks in their total supply chain.

Lower our customers costs by designing smarter packaging driving down costs in customers entire Supply Chain!

Managing risks by understanding customers entire supply chain constraining factors!

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Tri-Wall has a keen environmental focus and a commitment to our sustainability goals, so much so in in 2021 Tri-Wall was awarded a silver Ecovadis sustainability rating. We aim to continue to work and improve this rating giving our customers and our employees knowledge that our business is truly focused on the future impacts we have on our planet. To aid and guide our customers is also key so we work closely with our customers to understand their environmental goals and challenges and dedicate our resources to help them achieving this in their supply chain. This is done through analysis and providing our smart packaging solutions, eliminating unnecessary cost and reducing the carbon footprint. We go deep into the customers key areas of concern like eliminating product waste, reducing handling and reducing storage requirements. In our supply chain analysis workshops, we learn about our customer supply chains, form internal logistics requirements to the end user and work on every step in between. Understanding your supply chain needs helps us establish the full range of requirements the packaging must meet.

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