The Quick Frame packaging is the answer to the ever-growing demand for cost-effective transportation of various goods around the globe.

This innovative cardboard packaging set enables you to pack your products rapidly.

You can easily mount them onto the pallet on top of each other to form a strong pallet container. In this container, you can pack all possible products including large and heavy goods.

Always use the special Quick Frame bottom first. This one has a Quick Box bottom. This provides extra stability and keeps the Quick Frames in place nicely. On top of this Quick Frame bottom, simply mount the other Quick Frames until you have reached the desired height. Then apply the reinforced corner pieces. The Quick Frame container can be covered with a cap.


Design & Innovation Centre Manager

Simon Weiss

Cardboard Quick Frames are 65% lighter than wooden top edges. This lowers your transport costs.

The main advantages:

  • Modular – adjustable height
  • Low weight
  • Stackable
  • Recyclable

Want to be totally wood-independent?

Then use Quick Frame! Suitable for transport by air, road, rail and sea freight.

To protect, store and transport various goods.

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