Heavy-duty corrugated board is a corrugated board quality made from particularly stable double- and triple-wall corrugated board grades.

Double-wall corrugated board

Two corrugated webs and three plain paper webs make up the double-wall board. With double-wall corrugated board, different flute types can be combined. The two corrugated webs can be corrugated in different flute types. In general, a large flute (A) is combined with a medium flute. The large flute comes to the inside because of the better cushioning capacity, the medium flute (C) to the outside for protection against mechanical stress.

Triple-wall corrugated board

The double-wall corrugated board can be bonded with single-faced corrugated board to produce triple-wall corrugated board. Triple wall corrugated board consists of seven paper webs: Outer liner, flute, intermediate liner, flute, intermediate liner, flute, inner liner.

The flute types can be combined in triple-wall corrugated board depending on the machine configuration. As with double-wall corrugated board, the larger flute type (AA) is inside because of the better cushioning properties. The medium flute (C) is on the outside because of the better protection against mechanical stress.

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Industrial packaging

Heavy-duty corrugated board is mainly used for industrial packaging,providing strength and protection throughout your supply chain.

Made to measure. Engineered to protect. Sustainably produced. Reduce the risk of damage and customer complaints and lower your supply chain costs with optimised industrial packaging made from Tricor’s heavy-duty corrugated board.

Strong against damage, gentle on the environment

Tricor’s heavy-duty corrugated board for industrial and bulk packaging offers you a sustainable, cost-efficient, weight-efficient alternative to wooden crates. Durable and strong, our heavy-duty packaging material is ideal for all your heavy or bulk products.

Environmental Footprint

Heavy-duty corrugated board: it’s not just strong – thanks to its low weight, it can help you save on transport costs. And because you can use less material, you reduce your environmental footprint.

Packaging made of heavy-duty corrugated board is easy to assemble, handle and recycle. Our industrial designers can show you how to use smart structural design to minimise complexity, reduce packaging volumes and increase transport efficiencies.

Heavy-duty corrugated board industrial packaging examples:

The key benefits of our industrial and heavy-duty corrugated packaging:

  • Provides protection during transport, storage and handling of spare parts, semi-finished products, finished products, bulk products
  • Space-saving shipping and storage, stackable
  • Easy to assemble, easy to dispose of packaging material
  • Low tare weight compared with wooden crates
  • Bespoke innovative packaging solutions
  • Can be easily combined with other products like wood and foam

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