At Tricor, we offer customised packaging solutions for the automotive industry. Our mission is to help our customers fulfil their commitments in an easy, safe and cost-effective way. This is done through a comprehensive assessment of all steps in the supply chain, after which we can offer a concept to reduce total transport costs.

Our customers come from all sectors of the automotive industry. From parts and system manufacturers to major car manufacturers, we work on packaging solutions designed specifically for our customers’ supply chains. We create packaging solutions for incoming and outgoing goods and for the aftermarket.

With our range of scalable innovations, we have a lot of experience with packaging for the “CKD market”. This means that a complete car is transported in parts for assembly in another part of the world. For this application we often use “Kit Packaging”.

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Besides its application in the automotive industry, “Kit Packaging” is also used in other segments such as the electronic industry.

“Kit Packaging” is typically designed for either the industrial pallet 1200 x ,000 mm or 1200 x 800 mm “Euro Pallets”. But also available in modular dimensions for the optimal loading of an iso container. They provide ideal transport supply chain solutions for weights of up to 1000 kgs and above and are suitable for double stacking for worldwide shipment. The “Kit Packaging” design is a very flexible, easy to use design.

Our in-house, fully automated pallet manufacturing service enables us to produce bespoke one-way pallets in any specification or size for “Kit Packaging”.

By designing and producing the pallets for the “Kit Packaging” ourselves, we are not dependent on others. We can guarantee the quality and easily speed up the production of the “Kit Packaging”.


The “Kit Packaging” is a pre-assembled packaging fixed to a pallet. Tricor has a fully robotized assembly line where the tray is mounted on the pallet, the sleeve is placed in the tray, after which the lid is pushed over the tray.

The Kit packs are suitable for heavy loads, save space and offer optimal protection for your very sensitive products. This pre-assembled packaging is quick and easy to assemble. “Kit Packaging” boxes provide a cost-effective packing option as an alternative to dispatching your products in lots of smaller boxes,with resultant labour and shipping savings.

Depending on the weight to be packed, the sleeve of the “Kit Packaging” can be produced indouble or triple wall. For extremely heavy weights or loads, a so-called GLT can be used as an alternative. This design also belongs to the “Kit Packaging” family. However, the GLT is extra reinforced in the corners, which results in more stacking strength.

“Kit Packaging” can be produced and printed to your specific requirements, presenting a professional image.

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