We are the first company in Europe to offer customers the ability to test their packaging solutions against every possible hazard and environment.

The test equipment and climate chamber in Tricor’s total supply chain simulator is tailored to the dimensions of 20- and 40-foot shipping containers.

In our unique Proof-of-Concept Centre, we can ensure that our packaging solution will withstand every possible hazard that will occur during transport. The total supply chain simulation allows us and our customers to test every element of the packaging solution.

We can now test and control:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Crushing
  • Tipping
  • Impacts
  • Vibrations
  • Falls
Please contact our PROOF & CONCEPT CENTRE Team:

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TRICOR Packaging & Logistics AG
Simon Weiss
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+49 (0) 8247 / 962 21 86


The impact of the supply chain represents the highest level of hazards that most of our customers’ products will experience in their lifecycle.

The packaging design process must include an evaluation of the product and packaging performance against these supply chain hazards. Experience has shown that the use of a single shipping trial for the verification of the performance of the packaging is a dangerous approach. We recommend that our customers share supply chain information with us and include a laboratory-based Package Performance Test as a fixed component of the packaging design process.

Thorough testing of the packaging including the content is necessary to increase the likelihood that your customers will receive a damage-free product.


By having the option to simulate the total supply chain of our customers, we can link innovation and sustainability based on facts. By understanding the supply chain and then testing the packaging in the Proof-of-Concept Centre, we will support our customer to reduce the weight of packaging material per packed product.

Please contact our PROOF & CONCEPT CENTRE Team:

Design & Innovation Centre Manager:

Simon Weiss
[email protected]
+49 (0) 8247 / 962 21 86

Proof of concept centre – a unique supply chain simulation centre.

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