We help you integrate our products into your packaging system seamlessly.

Making pre-assembled packaging is an integrated part of our services. To add more value to our clients and follow our strategy to continue to develop wherever needed into a System Supplier with one place to go to get it all done.

The assembly work includes mounting the corrugated parts to pallets and adding other sourced parts (such as foam, plastics parts, EPS parts) to the pack. Upon request, we deliver the pre-assembled pack direct to your filling line.

Please contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE Team:

Your contact:

TRICOR Packaging & Logistics AG
Klaus Wiblishauser
[email protected]
+49 (0) 8247 962 21 20

TRICOR Packaging Systems GmbH
Maik Sieburg
[email protected]
+49 (0)3631 6142 340

We operate multiple assembling hubs in Germany and the Czech Republic. In the assembling hubs, we have fully automated the assembly of these packages so that we can deliver consistent quality.

Examples of pre-assembled packaging

Please contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE Team:

Chief Operating Officer:

Klaus Wiblishauser
+49 (0) 8247 / 962 21 20

Our service does not simply end when we deliver your packaging!

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