In addition to transport and storage, the logistics and distribution sector offers a variety of commercial solutions to meet the specific needs of the market.

Co-packing, including the management of the required packaging, is an important part of the activities in this sector. We support this sector with a range of packaging solutions that fit these activities. Tricor has a proven track record in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty packaging solutions for the distribution and logistics sectors.

Our double- and triple-wall pallet box solutions are made from fully recyclable paper grades and consist predominantly of kraft liner, semi -chemical fluting and wet strength adhesives. They ensure optimum performance throughout your European and global supply chains.


Category Manager

Reiner Schmidt

In addition to one-trip packaging solutions, we have a wide range of returnable packaging solutions for closed-loop applications.

Examples of one way and returnable packaging solutions:

  • Heavy-duty cardboard boxes for export
  • Quick boxes
  • GLTs
  • KLTs

Tricor, delivering innovative solutions on a European scale!

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