KLT containers for the automotive industry

KLT containers are standardised corrugated containers originally developed by the automotive industry. The abbreviation “KLT” stands for small load carrier. The containers were developed with the aim of unifying and standardising load carriers. The small landing carriers are suitable for manual and automatic handling on conveyor lines and automatic small parts warehouses.

The dimensionally stable and robust small load carriers (KLT) made of corrugated board are specially designed to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. They are particularly suitable for manual handling on the production lines, automatic part removal from the containers and transfer to empty stacks.

Our modularsmall load carriers (KLT) enable efficient use of space. The packaging is therefore delivered flat packed to save space and can be assembled without tools. Double-folded sides and double bottom construction ensure special stability.

In addition, the small load carriers are equipped with stacking lugs, which enable safe stacking of different carton sizes on a pallet. This modular system enables the safe and compact stacking of small load carriers of different sizes. The system can be used in combination with plastic KLTs.

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The small load carriers have the following product features:

  • Modular
  • Made of robust corrugated board
  • Stable
  • Low weight
  • Stackable
  • Recyclable
  • Low tare weight
  • High capacity

Are you looking for an individual solution for your specific requirements and applications?

Tricor KLT’s made of corrugated board can be produced specifically to your needs and printed according to your specifications. We can help you select the most suitable KLT design for your product and supply chain, but we can only help if we have enough information.

Our account managers can help you based on a series of standard questions.

The following information is important to us in order to give you the right advice:

  • What is the maximum weight of the product you wish to package?
  • Which pallet do you want to use?
  • How high is the KLT stacked in the warehouse?
  • How is the KLT transported?
  • How high is the KLT stacked during transport?
  • What is the final delivery address?

Small load carriers must be able to withstand extreme influences and stresses, especially on their way across the ocean. In order to determine the right small load carriers for your product, it is important to know what influences your product can withstand. We encourage our customers to share information about their supply chains with us and incorporate a laboratory-based packaging performance test as a fixed element in the packaging design process. In our own Proof of Concept Centre in Bad Wörishofen we have the possibility to simulate your entire overseas transport. Careful testing of the small load carriers, including their contents, is required to increase the likelihood that your customers receive an undamaged product. The mechanical simulation of the supply chain controls the impact that products and packaging are exposed to during transportation.

The following can be tested and checked:

  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Compression strength
  • Tipping
  • Impact
  • Vibrations
  • Drop

When it comes to storage and transport, you can rely on the cost-effective, combinable Tricor small load carriers made of corrugated board!

Please contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE Team:

Your contact:

Reiner Schmidt
[email protected]
+49 (0) 172 / 8436895

To protect, store and transport small products.

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